Medical Malpractice


How does a Texas jury assign responsibility among multiple defendants in a medical malpractice case?

Painter Law Firm's frequently asked question (FAQ) series

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Physician and nursing bias can lead to bad medical decisions and health care

One provider's mistake can end up being repeated by others, in place of making their own independent assessments

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Conroe doctor's over-prescriptions lead to death, arrest, and suspended medical license

The Texas Medical Board has been cracking down on pill mills and other doctors who are over-prescribing dangerous medications

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What you should know about how financial interests sometimes influence physician medical decisions and recommendations

Savvy patients ask questions and may get a second opinion

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Why are many hospitals more dangerous to patients during holidays?

Hospital-acquired injuries are more common over holidays

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Overcoming the challenges of proving loss of future earning capacity when you're under-employed or temporarily unemployed

Under Texas law, there's an important distinction between lost future wages and loss of future earning capacity

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Obstructive sleep apnea and anesthesia: A potentially deadly combination if the anesthesiologist doesn't plan ahead

80% of people with obstructive sleep apnea haven't been diagnosed, so anesthesia providers must give careful attention

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Why your surgeon or anesthesiologist might not be the one working on you in the operating room

Learn the secret shell game that occurs daily at many major hospitals

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What you should know about the new colorectal cancer screening recommendations

For average-risk patients, the guidelines no longer recommend an annual colonoscopy beginning at age 50

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Memorial Hermann Greater Heights Hospital hit with Medicare quality of care violation

If a patient is seriously injured or dies because a hospital isn't prepared for an emergency, it's medical malpractice

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