Medical Malpractice


Are freestanding outpatient imaging centers as safe as hospitals for MRI or CT scans?

Imaging quality may be similar, but hospitals are better equipped for the occasional life-threatening emergencies that will occur

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A CT scan with barium contrast is risky for patients who recently had any abdominal surgery

Bowel perforation are known complications of abdominal surgery, and can be a life-threatening combination when mixed with barium contrast

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When anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists juggle too many patients at once, patient safety pays

In a wrongful death case I'm handling, the anesthesiologist was handling 5 patients at once

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Barebone nurse staffing levels cause medical malpractice

Medicare recently cited MD Anderson Cancer Center for not hiring enough nurses for patient safety

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Texas doctors can't immediately abandon or drop their patients, but learn what they're allowed to do

Physicians can't terminate existing patients without reasonable notice

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Providence Health Center in Waco hit with Medicare quality of care violation in 2019

Providence Health Center and its related physician group are part of the Ascension chain of hospitals

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Why do Texas medical malpractice lawyers ask so much about a patient's past medical history?

Painter Law Firm's frequently asked question (FAQ) series

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High lactate levels can be an overlooked sign of infection and sepsis

It's dangerous to patient safety for physicians not to look at the whole clinical picture

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Closed claims study shows most common fetal distress mistakes and injuries

Nurses and doctors must jump into action when there's a sign of fetal distress

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Medical malpractice wrongful death lawsuit: The Village at Gleannloch Farms and hospitalists don't treat infection, cause death of 69-year-old woman

A change in mental status is often one of the earliest signs of a serious medical problem

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