Medical Malpractice


Small bowel obstruction medical malpractice in Texas

A total obstruction can be a medical emergency

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Uterine rupture diagnosis and medical malpractice

A ruptured uterus can cause death of the mother and fetus

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Respiratory distress risks and medical malpractice

There's limited time for intervention before the body wears out

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Untreated jaundice in a baby can cause a permanent brain injury

Kernicterus is brain damage caused by high blood bilirubin levels

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Emergency room boarding threatens patient safety

Boarders are in a dangerous limbo

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Spinal epidural abscess misdiagnosis causes paralysis

Spinal epidural abscesses can cause dangerous spinal cord compression

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Crisis center ignores signs of toxic lithium levels, cause brain damage in patient

With prompt diagnosis and treatment, lithium toxicity is usually reversible

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Pitocin causes excessive contractions, brain injury in baby

Labor and delivery nurses keep doctor in the dark about concerning signs and findings

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Texas jury awards $21 million over nurse anesthetist (CRNA) operating room care that left 27-year-old man with brain injury

Plaintiff alleged that patient wasn't given a choice between CRNA and anesthesiologist physician

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Lawsuit alleged CRNA caused botched esophageal intubation, patient death

Nurse anesthetist testified he had not performed an intubation in five years

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