Medical Malpractice


How does the wrongful death cap work in a Texas medical malpractice lawsuit?

Painter Law Firm's frequently asked question (FAQ) series

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Poor nursing communication tied to death of mother hours after delivery of her baby

A jury awarded $6 million to this mom's survivors because of a nurse's delay in telling doctors about her problems breathing

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What you should know about the common risks of minimally-invasive laparoscopic surgery

Learn why the most dangerous part of a laparoscopic surgery is usually at the beginning

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Change in behavior can be an important sign of a dangerous infection in seniors

Altered mental status is often the first sign of a urinary tract infection, which can lead to urosepsis without quick treatment

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Surgeons admit under oath to operating on wrong kidney

Hospitals and operating rooms must have surgical time-out policies and procedures in place to prevent this type of never-event error

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MRI contrast anaphylactic reactions are rare, but potentially deadly

Imaging centers and hospitals need to plan ahead with equipment, supplies, and staff training to prevent avoidable deaths

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Houston court of appeals: Hospice providers owed a duty to non-patient homeowners

Hospice company and physician had duty to warn and protect non-patient homeowners from foreseeable risks

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What you should know about unnecessary surgeries

A medical expert believes that Neil Armstrong's death was caused by an unnecessary surgery

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CT scan iodine contrast reaction, anaphylaxis, and medical malpractice

Without prompt treatment with epinephrine and IV fluids, iodine anaphylaxis can kill a patient

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What you should know about two common medication errors by nurses

Nurses owe an independent duty to their patients to understand the rationale and effects of medications that they administer to patients

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