Medical Malpractice


What you should know about filing a medical malpractice lawsuit against a Memorial Hermann hospital

An experienced Houston, Texas medical malpractice attorney knows how to properly develop and handle a case against Memorial Hermann

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Sodium levels are important for injuries and conditions involving the brain

Sodium sounds simple, but it's complex to manage and timely correct treatment is a key

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Federal watchdog reveals that many nursing homes don't report bad outcomes, even though the law requires it

Federal law requires nursing homes to report any time a resident is transferred to an emergency room

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New Houston appellate opinion rules against anesthesiologist in expert report dispute

Texas Appellate court trend favors medical malpractice plaintiffs in expert report challenges

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What you should know about the new Texas hospital lien law

This pro-hospital law will be bad news for some car or other accident victims

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What happens at the mediation of a Texas medical malpractice case?

Most medical malpractice cases are mediated in Texas, and this is what plaintiffs should know about the process

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Hiatal hernia symptoms, surgery risks, and medical malpractice

Hiatal hernia surgery poses the risks of nicked or perforated stomach or bowel, infection, and sepsis

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Houston appellate court "SLAPPS" down North Cypress Medical Center

Hospital's aggressive billing practices meet legal resistance

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Should I sign informed consent forms in Texas before seeing the doctor?

Painter Law Firm's frequently asked question (FAQ) series

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What you should know about bowel obstruction, treatment, and medical malpractice

A bowel obstruction an be a medical emergency

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