Medical Malpractice


Painter Law Firm files medical malpractice lawsuit against Houston & The Woodlands plastic surgeon

Medical expert says plastic surgeon failed to diagnose and treat dangerous bacterial infection that developed after breast surgery

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Adding insult to injury: Hospital-acquired injuries after a car wreck or blunt trauma

Doctors and nurses stabilize patients, sometimes only to overlook clear signs of infection and sepsis after the fact

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Cauda equina syndrome, anesthesia complications impact mixed martial artist

Cauda equina syndrome and anesthesia complications are different, but both are medical emergencies

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Texas woman dies from botched arteriogram x-ray study

Physician didn't notice lacerating an artery during the procedure or bleeding

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59 Texas hospitals make Medicare's list of the bottom-performing 25% of hospitals nationwide

Medicare's list is based on the rate of new injuries or hospital-acquired conditions that happen after a patient is admitted to a hospital

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Medicare measures hospital quality & some well-known teaching hospitals come up short

Some large hospitals linked to medical schools and residency programs perform in the bottom 25% of hospitals, according to Medicare findings

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Chiropractor adjusts woman's neck, tears vertebral artery, causes stroke

Chiropractic manipulation of the neck carries some serious risks

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What are focal neurological deficits and why are they important in back surgery patients?

An unusual headache and focal neuro deficits can be signs of a serious brain bleed

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Surgical team operates on wrong knee

Wrong-site operations only happen when surgeons, anesthesia providers, and nurses skip crucial safety steps

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What you should know about the Advance Directives Act before being hospitalized in Texas

Did you know that hospital committees can pull the plug even when the patient and family are opposed?

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