Medical Malpractice


ER nurses escorted out of hospital after raising understaffing, patient safety concerns

Nursing advocacy requires placing patient safety first

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The nurse's role in medication safety

It takes more than administering a drug once it's ordered

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Why hospitals keep physicians and providers with lots of bad outcomes

Two factors may incentivize retention over patient safety

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Gabapentin linked to overdose deaths, medical malpractice

Prescribers must provide proper medication, proper dose, and proper monitoring

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How EMTs select a hospital ER for a patient, and when hospitals can turn them away

The closest ER isn't always the best or safest choice

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What's the difference between a physician and a provider?

Making sense of the alphabet soup of degrees

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The most common avoidable errors in claims against certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs)

American Association of Nurse Anesthesiology (AANA) Journal published closed claims study

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Texas ER botches diagnosis of man's posterior circulation stroke

These strokes have different signs and symptoms and are commonly misdiagnosed

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ER nurse practitioner discharges patient with undiagnosed spinal epidural abscess

This type of abscess is dangerous and potentially lethal with delayed diagnosis and treatment

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Ativan and opioids are a risky duo

Ativan manufacturer warns that the combination can cause respiratory arrest

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