Medical Malpractice


What’s the difference between a known complication and medical malpractice?

Painter Law Firm's frequently asked question (FAQ) series

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Two little-known events that every patient should know about general anesthesia

Planning ahead and asking the right questions may improve your odds of surviving general anesthesia

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What happens when a doctor orders an MRI or CT scan and cancels it before it’s done?

A canceled MRI left a lumbar surgery patient with permanent injuries

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Woman dies after gastric bypass surgery

She had low blood pressure and abdominal pain after surgery, but the surgeon didn't order a CT scan to investigate what was going on

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Houston court of appeals addresses what makes a qualified medical malpractice expert

In many cases, a doctor from one specialty is qualified to testify about the care of a provider of a different specialty

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What is an incidental durotomy and is it medical malpractice?

Damage to the dura mater of the spinal cord or nerve roots increases patient risks for some serious conditions, requiring close monitoring

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Texas Supreme Court gives more bad news for birth-injured babies and their families

Willful and wanton negligence standard applies to labor and delivery emergency care

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How does the closing of Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center impact medical malpractice claims?

HCA is closing Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center to convert it into a free-standing emergency room

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What you should know about mammograms and medical malpractice

New proposed federal rules will require mammography facilities to provide patients with more risk information

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What is respiratory acidosis and how can it kill a patient after surgery?

When a death certificate or autopsy says the cause of death was heart-related, there may be more to the story

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