Medical Malpractice


Missing, mistaken, and manufactured medical records

Complete, accurate medical records are important in both health care and medical malpractice claims

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Lawsuit alleges Walgreens pharmacist gave man wrong prescription drug

Learn four easy tips to improve your medication safety

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What you should know about traumatic subdural hematomas

Timely diagnosis and treatment is critical

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Hospitalized patients are particularly at risk during this time period

Doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and nurses all need good hand-off communications

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4 questions you can ask to help avoid anesthesia malpractice in dental offices

Houston jury awarded huge verdict to plaintiffs in pediatric case

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Houston hospital discharges man with post-operative internal bleeding

Internal bleeding can lead to infection and sepsis

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NFL star's lung puncture medical malpractice claim headed to trial

Undiagnosed lung puncture or pneumothorax can lead to serious problems

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Texas Medical Board suspends Dallas anesthesiologist for allegedly tampering with IV bags

Patient complications and death are linked to alleged criminal activity

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Hospital falls increased by this percentage in one year

Every patient deserves an individualized fall risk evaluation

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Texas man dies in hospital of NSTEMI heart attack, cardiac cath scheduled for next day

Nursing staff didn't keep cardiologist in the loop of patient's downturn

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