Medical Malpractice


What you should know about the most common surgical errors

Surgeons often mistake serious complications for being a normal part of recovering from an operation

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Learn the 7 hospital failures that could have avoided a 6-year-old girl's death from sepsis

Little girl went to the hospital with vomiting, bloody loose stools, and couldn't keep down fluids

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You should know about these five types of hernia

Our attorneys have experience in handling hernia medical malpractice lawsuits

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How are informed consent and medical battery claims different under Texas law?

Appellate court rules that a preliminary expert report properly addressed a medical battery claim against Tomball doctor

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How to get answers when hospitals and doctors hide the truth

According to a Johns Hopkins University study, around 10% of all deaths in the U.S. are caused by medical mistakes

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31-year-old teacher dies in front of students, doctor withheld critical test results

How his family uncovered the truth

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What happens when a surgeon cuts too deep?

Dangerous surgeons go too far without explaining to their patients all the treatment options

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Four birth-related injuries that may be preventable

Do hospitals, doctors, and nurses learn from their mistakes?

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Medicare cites Kingwood Medical Center with four violations over quality of care concerns

Hospital has received 13 Medicare violations since November 2012

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What happens when a hospital lab botches testing or results?

Without critical lab results, doctors cannot make correct diagnosis and treatment decisions

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