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True Results affiliated lap band surgeon Dr. Richard Wilkenfeld misdiagnoses holes in stomach & infection

Delayed treatment causes Army veteran multiple surgeries, permanent injuries

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Houston, Texas medical malpractice attorney Robert Painter files lawsuit that claims: Conroe Regional Medical Center nurses cause pressure sore, bone infection

Nurses can prevent bedsores by following standard safety guidelines.

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Houston, Texas medical malpractice attorney Robert Painter files lawsuit that claims: Cypress OBGYN doctors fail to do Rh factor test & cause newborn brain damage

Simple blood test, which every OB/GYN is supposed to order, protects a baby from brain damage

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Infections in nursing homes or rehabilitation facilities can be deadly

Facilities must watch for signs of infections, so doctors can treat them promptly

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Lawsuit: The Methodist Hospital ignores stroke symptoms and causes permanent brain injury

Doctors and nurses at Eddy Scurlock Stroke Center send young African American woman home with no treatment, despite textbook stroke symptoms

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Lawsuit: St. Luke's Sugar Land Hospital pain killer overmedication causes patient death

St. Luke's nurses gave a 75-year-old patient 2-4 times the recommended dose of the narcotic Dilaudid

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Lawsuit: Botched propofol anesthesia care kills 33-year old father and teacher

Propofol is the same powerful anesthetic drug that caused the deaths of Michael Jackson and Joan Rivers

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Houston Press coverage of firm's Memorial Hermann lawsuit

Painter Law Firm helps uninsured patient who was grossly overcharged by hospital

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Lawsuit over botched gastric surgery on 43 year old Conroe woman

Lady will likely never eat, drink or work again

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Painter Law Firm files suit for family against Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Hospital

Nursing staff fails to act when hip fracture patient shows clear signs of a dangerous embolism

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